Sunday 7 August 2011

Hay girls, hay boy.

This week we've managed to cut and bale our hay, just squeezing in between showers - we baled last night, and while another day in the sun would have been useful, the weather forecast for today wasn't good, and was accurate, with showers from lunchtime and a thunderstorm mid-afternoon bringing well over an inch of rain in an hour.
Excitement spreads, as newly cut paddocks are available!

Bindweed climbing the fence proved the main attraction.
I missed the storm, having taken a trip west, for spit-offs - Pelachuta showed complete disinterest as soon as she saw the male  - her tail went up, stayed up, and she made half an attempt at jumping the gate. Minnie however, saw the opportunity for another lunch with a suitor, started grazing, and sat for him for a good twenty minutes or so.

Camelot now has a fleece two inches long at five weeks old, nicely organized into locks.

While the studio work progresses steadily, I'm building a hay shed (barn would be too grand a word, especially after seeing Jaynes wonderful creation), re-using the walls from the cattery building which are in good condition. I've got this week off the day job so hope to get that task by the scruff of the neck, as we have other hay on order.  We have a quick one-night stay in Cornwall while I visit a project for a site inspection, and that's our summer holiday.

When I was out with the females for mating the other week (insert witty comment here), I was passing through a village and passed a pub with tables outside filled with people enjoying a summer sunday lunch. Lots of heads looked my way (yes the trailer does rattle a lot) and we have our herd name and logo on the front and sides, and I couldn't have felt better even if I'd been riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle, such is the pride you get from owning, breeding and caring for alpacas.

Later the same week, I was pulling the paddock cleaner around the field, and I realised that in the past, in a simlar way, I've dragged a golf trolley around a golf course, only to find I was rubbish at the game
- I know what I'd rather be doing.


  1. Are you making your hay shed in phases !!! photos would be nice......never mind the rattles....I hope your drove nice and that everyone could read the logo !! Leave the Harley and the golf trolley at home......keep with the rattles and the alpacas......much more rewarding !!.............Jayne

  2. Camelot is looking great Dave.

    I get the pleasure from taking the alpacas out and about bit...not sure about the paddock cleaning bit though...and I don't even play golf!