Monday 21 December 2015

All done and dusted.

The herd have been 'over the hill' during the autumn, on a south-facing slope, as we try to maximise the withering grazing, and we bring them over 'this' side of the hill near the house, a north-facing slope, where the permanent shelter stands, for the darkest, shortest days of winter.

The hens have got used to having the shelter to themselves for months, and now have to accommodate the alpacas! So I swept out the floor of the shelter and in view of the mild weather, gave a dusting of Diatomaceous Earth, as the herd had dried during overnight wind, and went to collect the females:
Here they come, running up the 'avenue'.
Around the bend...
Exploring the new paddock...
"ooh, icing sugar, left over from icing the Christmas Cake! move over hens"
First one down...and the hens are departing...
"c'mon girls, room for more!"
A ittle shake...
You know that the dark ones have rolled properly!

job done!
Have a good Christmas everyone!