Sunday 21 December 2014

Driving home for Christmas.

We save the home paddock for mid-winter, so that with short daylight hours and poor weather, we don't have so far to trek, to feed and water the herd. Yesterday we brought them over, and they LOVE a change of grazing:
Out of the paddock and into the avenue - Golden Delicious neck-and-neck with Empress;
Round the first bend and up the track, Golden Delicious takes a commanding lead, leaving her baby, Flamenco in 7th place;
Congestion at the paddock entrance as the stragglers arrive, but they are just as eager;
They all head for the rolling pit, as if they've missed it for two months!
It's first come, first served, room for 3 rolling at a time, so the others get down to the new grazing;
Wait for me!
Grazing next to their shelter, beside the garden;
We planted some conifers that had out grown their pots, and the alpacas love to straddle them, to scratch their bellies and rub their coats against them;
We gave them all a shot of vitamin ADE, and checked faecal worm counts for a couple, part of our periodical health monitoring.
Wishing you all, whether breeders, potential alpaca owners, or just interested in alpacas, a very Happy Christmas, and thank you for your involvement and comments over the last 12 months! All the best for 2015.