Sunday 30 November 2014

Smoking jacket.

I lit a bonfire near the paddock, and, although the smoke wasn't drifting across, the alpacas all lay down and had a roll, - I've seen this before, it's as if they believe the smoke is cleansing, like dust in their fleece.
I trimmed a Hazel bush, and took the trimmings over for the alpacas, as they love Hazel leaves, but they are turning brown and falling, so there's not many left.
With the damp ground, the herd are getting grubby now, but you can't wrap them up, they 're better off with fresh air and sunshine, and their own space, rather than confined in the barn, and with it being so mild, they are still out at night.
Flamenco continues to gain weight steadily at the same rate as before 500g/week. I registered this years cria this afternoon, a good feeling for a proud breeder.
Bramley feeding Florina, as the sun sets behind.

Sunday 16 November 2014

Weighting game.

Apple Vale Florina (s: Van Diemen Qjori of Patou)
The herd are starting to look a little dirty now, as the rain falling is outweighing the moisture evaporating, and the paddocks get squelchy. It's still very warm, so the herd are staying out in the far paddocks with their mobile shelters while there's still some grazing. We're saving the home paddocks for the depth of winter when the days are really short, and they'll have some good grass and a good solid shelter from cold winds.
Apple Vale Fortune (s: CCNF Talon of Classical Milend)
We weighed all of the babies today - only the youngest, Flamenco is being weighed weekly, as she is only 8 weeks old - we had been concerned as the weekly increase had slowed to around 500g, but after checking faecals, trying a top--up with goats milk (which gave her the squits, so counterproductive), we concluded that being a September birth, the quality of grass and length of daylight slows the rate of growth - her mum has milk, and we see her nursing and grazing, and it is a steady increase - what do other breeders think?
We took the opportunity for a fleece check and we are very pleased with all of the cria, especially Florina (super soft) and Fortune (bright, organized and nice crimp).
Apple Vale Fiesta
Apple Vale Flamenco (I like the impression of a very long-necked alpaca behind!)
And finally a new take, on a 'selfie':