Sunday 19 April 2015

"You gotta roll with it".

With the fabulous dry weather, the herd are looking at their best, almost fully fleeced, and clean, and the sunshine beckons me to spend time with the camera, during a rest between paddock maintainance. All that is needed is for the herd to co-operate and pose on request...fat chance of that...I have a theory that ours are not over-fed, as they constantly graze when I have the camera out...I try and attract them to look up with a variety of noises, whistling, trilling like a 'phone, and today I introduced the ee-aw of a donkey! Anyway, let the photos do the talking this week:
We are halter-training our youngest, Flamenco the fawn, while Florina the brown is the companion.
When let off their halters, they charge back to join the group!
Fiesta behind Flamenco, both sired by 'Scrumpy', EP Cambridge Columbus of Patou, our herdsire.
"I kissed the grass, and I liked it"
Elstar, a lovely 'girl'. Sire: Van Diemen Qjori of Patou, Dam: Apple Vale Bramley.
Empress decides to graze horizontally  Sire: CCNF Talon of CME Dam: Helens Diana of Apple Vale
Bramley leads her daughter, Florina ahead of the rest.
Dappled Elstar.
Mother:Daughter. Helens Diana of Apple Vale and Empress.
Caton Freedom of Apple Vale rolls in the dust pit.
Pixie the dog, rolls in chicken poo!
Pixie wallowing, infront of the tree den that I built in the Walnut tree for grandson Oscar.