Sunday 31 March 2013

Let's hear it for the boys.

Camelot looks across the laneway to the girls paddock. Discovery and Darcy Spice behind him.

After two months, the boys had eaten the old tennis court out of grass, and we were able to bring them into one of the new paddocks. The whole herd were given ADE yesterday, which should be the last time this winter, we've had several bright days this week, though still a fierce cold wind in exposed places. The boys are getting very good on halters, and so we brought them back by road through the village.
Boys and mums reunion.
Excitement across the wires.
Conversing around the water-cooler.
The girls.
I hope those affected by the extreme snow are getting back in order over this weekend.

Sunday 24 March 2013

Phase 2 paddock division.

Sorry, boring title - After an enjoyable weekend at The Futurity, it's been back to the grindstone this weekend - we were 'fortunate' to have two days of rain at the end of the week, rather than the snow many have had - so we had a day of post-bashing yesterday, and have fenced 115metres of internal paddock and lane-way today - squelchy under-foot, but the tractor didn't make much mess, and wrapped-up against a bitter easterly wind, we've made good progress - the girls have enjoyed some lush grass, and the boys will be coming back when this is finished over the Easter 'holiday'. Meanwhile their halter training continues, with trips to a lush garden to graze. I have to return the digger this week, so I need to spend another couple of hours trenching with it after work this week (early finish - yeay!).

Sunday 10 March 2013

Man v. machine

Another phase of the paddock development was carried out this weekend  - with two sons and a partner available and willing for some grafting, (apparently here for Mothers Day) we had a load of fence posts to unload and set out, followed by laying a water main.

The herd had cleaned up after three weeks without rain (!), however yesterday and today rain and sleet have turned conditions back somewhat - at least we aren't showing at The Futurity. We will be there, with entries in the photography and craft sections - our way of supporting the event rather than pretensions of brilliance. I have entered a photo into the BAS National competition, however I thought the theme for the photography rather odd (connecting the alpaca with its South American roots), but I tried, with a bit of creative writing.

Halter training the boys is progressing - Darcy Spice (not one of the Spice Girls) was reluctant to begin with, but today clearly remembered that fresh grass lay at the end of the walk, and was first in line up the lane.

Next a photograph from the digger-drivers view-point, having dug a trench, seeing three men grafting and sweating to fill it in again with a little pipe at the bottom, while I dug furiously as they gradually caught up with me - such fun! ...but my hands and feet did get vey cold in that cab!
Looking foward to the Futurity and meeting up with friends old and new.