Sunday 13 February 2011

Perfect weather...

...for catching up on indoor work, like the accounts, and herd database. It's rained from dawn to dusk today, but yesterday was lovely, and we've not had much in comparison to Wales and the north. While poo-picking yesterday, I noticed a tiff going on between Moira and Pelachuta:

Ambrosia joins in and her tail goes up - I've noticed she's been raising challenges to Moira's authority frequently in the last few months
Bramley didn't like this carry-on, and headed for the comfort of the milk bar, while the grown-ups sorted out their differences!

Mrs. Smallholder held a modelling and photography session for her products.

Excitement, and progress on the property front, which I alluded to some months ago - we have submitted a Planning Application to build a fleece preparation workshop and craft studio on the site of our existing boarding cattery, which came with the property when we moved here - in addition we have a couple of possibilities to rent some land - this will give a much-needed rest to our own paddoocks, and enable us to look forward with our breeding programme, knowing that the comfort and well-being of the herd, which is paramount, has been planned.

In other news, our chicks are growing-up - these hatched from the incubator 11 days ago, and are clearly not impressed with the goon pointing a camera at them: