Sunday 20 October 2013

An explorer steps ashore.

Friday saw the arrival of the good ship Patou, skippered by Admiral Mark Steele, carrying EPC Columbus who, we are delighted to say, has joined us as herdsire.
"Hello Ladies"
He's a handsome boy, and has already covered some of our herd.

Yesterday, I moved the girls into a new paddock, and moved the shelters with them - they are still beside Columbus, but higher up the hill. We gave them all ADE jabs, and got soaked from one of these heavy showers in the process. Columbus had been nick-named 'Clump(y)', at Patou previously, so Joy decided (rightly) that he would from now on be known as 'Scrumpy' in line with our apple theme! (though, between you and me, I still call him Clump to his face)

Today, I got up close and personal with Clump, and led him around the property, and introduced him to the fibre studio:
"and this is where we take your fleece to be processesed'
I fitted in a bit more work on the new shelter this afternoon:
Yes, the trailer is on the patio (actually, the end of the driveway)!

Enjoying a change of view.

Monday 14 October 2013

In search of the New World.

As sunday brought rainfall of near-biblical proportions, I considered buiding an ark, but instead I commenced building another mobile field shelter - the weather drove the hens in for shelter, and despite the sawing and drilling, they huddled in the corner of the alpaca shelter which isn't being used at the moment.

The reason for another field shelter? oh.....we are due to be joined by a Mighty explorer who is setting sail and heading west...

Sunday 6 October 2013

Final fling

Empress - sire: CCNF Talon of CME
 Following the scanning results last week, we had one final fling and took a trip to Wiltshire meet the boys at Patou Alpacas... and again Bramley quite clearly spat-off her suitor we'll have to wait and see whether the scan wasn't clear or whether Bramley just wasn't interested.
Empress - sire: CCNF Talon of CME

Meanwhile, yesterday we had a visit from our client Sally and her son Miles who now own  three of our males, and we took the opportunity to introduce them to this years cria, so we asked Sally to help us get some fleece shots - you can get an idea of the quality in these females, though the ones of Elstar don't convey the full brilliance of her fleece.
Elstar - sire Qjori of Patou
Elstar - sire: Qjori of Patou
It's been a fabulous day here in Somerset - hope you've all had a good day too!