Sunday 12 January 2014

Weaning, cats and blogs.

This week the flooding of The Levels crept closer daily towards our fields, and on thursday reached a peak, just entered the bottom of our hayfield, and since then has slid out slightly. We keep the bottom paddock as a hay field deliberately to give us a margin to reduce the possibility of the snails that host liver fluke.

 Joy acted as Queen Canute each morning:
In the brilliant sunshine of saturday we cycled around the flood plain to look back at our herd. A large number of swans are taking advantage of new grazing swims:

and we messed about like big kids - well you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity woould you?
Thats half a mile across to our fields, and it was a 3 mile loop around the water to this point - where there are no hedges or trees, you can't see the line of the road, and so wouldn't dare cycling or driving through it - this was just a little paddle at the end!
 Scrumpy and one of the girls let out an alarm call (screech, yodel?) yesterday - I looked, and it was a ginger cat - looking like a fox?

We held a spit-off session today, and found four-and-a -half spat - well, Scrumpy had realised by the end that he wasn't going to be lucky, and didn't make any effort, and there's always one inconclusive isn't there?

We've also started weaning,  halter training next!
Scrumpy admiring the swans (or his reflection?)