Sunday 30 November 2014

Smoking jacket.

I lit a bonfire near the paddock, and, although the smoke wasn't drifting across, the alpacas all lay down and had a roll, - I've seen this before, it's as if they believe the smoke is cleansing, like dust in their fleece.
I trimmed a Hazel bush, and took the trimmings over for the alpacas, as they love Hazel leaves, but they are turning brown and falling, so there's not many left.
With the damp ground, the herd are getting grubby now, but you can't wrap them up, they 're better off with fresh air and sunshine, and their own space, rather than confined in the barn, and with it being so mild, they are still out at night.
Flamenco continues to gain weight steadily at the same rate as before 500g/week. I registered this years cria this afternoon, a good feeling for a proud breeder.
Bramley feeding Florina, as the sun sets behind.

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  1. Well done Dave, looking good. Your herd is really taking shape, the quality is there for all to see.