Sunday 9 May 2010

Sunflower terrorism

Yes Debbie, we too desperately need some rain to get our grass going. Since the little bit of rain we had last week, the ground is dried and cracked again.

I'll gladly part-exchange four sacks of Nettles and Docks for 2 hours of rain. I've spent the day clearing the field of these weeds just to expose a bit more grass.

We checked over the girls this morning, looking in all the nooks and crannies, and body-scoring - we're thinking of not shearing Moira this year - she's a nine year old maiden, who came as companion to Minnie - she grows a thin fleece, but last years sample was 17.3micron, and it's only 2 inches long at most - does any one aware of any draw-backs to this? -

I sowed a few sunflower seeds today - Mrs. Smallholder gave me permission to put some in pots, and some in the alotment, but as there were some spare, I've put some around the garden, and I've got a few left which I'll discreetly drop into neighbours gardens for some surprise brightness! - hence, the title of this evenings blog.

Anyway, a few photo's from the lighter side of alpaca behaviour today.


  1. It makes me feel better to hear I'm not the only one happy to part ex nettles and docks for some rain!!

  2. We have left our oldest pure Chilean girl (19 years-plus)with most of her fleece on. We just sheared her belly and under her chest and left a thick, wide scarf on the top of her back. It seemed to work well, although one hot summer, we had to do a little bit more cutting ourselves, when she got hot. Even with this cut and a padded coat on all last winter, our girl was still intermittently cold and shivery. I think older girls and boys can handle having their fleece left and some Peruvian photographs of alpacas, they have two years fleece on. Jenny. Fowberry Alpacas

  3. He..He..I like the sneaky...sunflower sowing !..the alpacas are funny..having a toilet....moment..I bet they are girls !!..did they have a handbag !....I have oftern wondered about not shearing my older just never know what to do for the best !..but I think if we get another winter like this left long as the summer isn't too hot !!.....Jayne :-)

  4. We've had rain and have nice emerald green grass now. The leaves are coming out too so it's very verdant. Lovely pics of your pacas doing paca things. They love their rolls don't they? I am going to put some diatom in our rolling areas to kill off any beasties.