Monday 31 May 2010

Guitarists get the girls...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

As you can see, our grass needs a real kick up the backside, so the rain forecast for tomorrow morning is very welcome. We laid a land drain in the autumn, and it was well-compacted back in the trench, but now a large gap has opened-up. However we'll be thankful for the dry weather forecast for the rest of the week, as it's the Bath & West show, wed 'til sat.

The Docks haven't noticed the drought, being so deep rooted, so we've cut off all the seedy stalks by hand (2 sacks full) - they appear similar to asparagus, and a part of me wished that they were (!), but then a field of alpacas are a lot more rewarding.
One of our hens decided to incubate four of her eggs, and she hatched two of them out - you can see one taking a ride on mums back in the picture.

I tempted Autumn Gold to have her first 'solids' this week, with a few pieces of carrot - she's still not interested in the daily supplement of NG-1. I've got some Total Solutions drench to give her some trace elements, but not sure how frequent to dose - have e-mailed the manufacturer, but no reply - any suggestions? I might compare the content details with the NG-1 details.

We trimmed toe-nails today - it's interesting how much faster the babies nails grow, in parallel with their general growth.

I spent yesterday performing a bit of surgery, turning Llamas into Alpacas - I used a scalpel on the llama decals that came on the trailer, and changed them into alpacas. I also got the 'air conditioning' working - the side vents were seized-up when I bought it, so several doses of WD-40 over the last fortnight, and some 'gentle' persuasion got them moving - they're nicely greased now.

I finished the afternoon with another guitar lesson - Ambrosia seems very interested, and particularly enjoyed my version of 'One' by U2 - they always said that playing guitar was the way to get the girls - I never thought it would end up like this.


  1. Great photos Dave. Docks (dockins!)are a problem here too but an early zapping with the strimmer does help. Swop you some of your sun for some of our rain! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. We all have tales to tell of Docks..!! I have invested in a quad sprayer !..I shall be trying it out..soonish, when I can figure how to fix it !.....nice pictures.....keep up the have a nice audience there ! ...Jayne

  3. Nice photos Dave.
    I think there is a bare leg amnesty operating at the Bath and West this weekend so we'll see you there!

  4. Loving the mirror pic! Ours go mad for camelibra - must admit we mix in garlic flakes which they love so it could be those they are mad for. Worth a try. Your guitar audience is guaranteed if you choose to play al fresco!