Tuesday 4 May 2010

And the funny thing was...

I forgot to mention in the last blog, an incident that had me chuckling away on my own in the office today.

As judge Matthew went through his selection of placings yesterday he compared the first two side by side, then the next two, and then I found Ambrosia was being considered for closer inspections, I dared to think there was chance of a placing.

So when he stepped towards me, rosette in one hand, and offered his other hand to shake mine, I started to clap! (I'm laughing now as I write this) I quickly stopped and we laughed - but was I applauding myself (I hope not), or applauding his choice? I've no idea, except I think I was ready to applaud all the placed competitors, with a stiff upper lip.

In order to take Minnie in the trailer for mating and for shearing I'm going to try and halter train her - I slipped it on a couple of times on sunday, and let her shake it off, and tonight I managed to fasten it, and she tolerated it for 10mins or so, while eating some feed, and some hay from my hand, so, progress.


  1. Its funny what you do...in a case of excitement !!.....must have been...a nervous...applaud !!....any way.....why not..reward yourself with a round of applause......well done to you all at Apple Vale Alpacas......Jayne

  2. Just don't start bursting in to tears during the acceptance speech Dave!

  3. Oh how I wish I was there to see that!
    I did cry when Poppy picked up a first at the Bath and West 2 years ago.
    Don't tell anyone though, it would ruin my reputation!

  4. that's the sort of thing I'd do by mistake too, then turn bright red with embarrassment!