Sunday 23 May 2010

Pan Pipes replaced by hose pipe!

Come on, move over, it's my turn!

Alpacas nationwide have been heading for shade this weekend, and ours were no different, spending much time in the shelter, and then squeezing in to the reducing shade, as the sun moved around. I got a cement mixing tray to add beside the foot trough, and Ambrosia decided that was just the thing for her. I turned the hose on to a fine spray, and Moira and Autumn Gold enjoyed that - it seems that alpacas divide like humans in this matter: some enjoy a shower, some enjoy a bath, and some, such as Minnie, consider that water is only for drinking.

What do you mean, "have you got any pan pipes"?

I spent some time today continuing my introduction of the alpacas to guitar music - Pelachuta showed a definite interest, listening intently for some time - to be continued...


  1. Looks hot....!! Dare we moan about the heat..after the winter we endured..:-( I don't want a heatwave...just a sunny breezy forthnight in July for haymaking !......Jayne

  2. Hi Dave, Delighted that the mixing tray works and good to see Ambrosia having a dunk! Our boys love using them too. Maybe it's not the music the 'pacas were worried about - maybe it was the legs! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  3. Even though mine have been sheared Nefertiti was still climbing into the water trough and Geena enjoyed a shower over the weekend.

  4. I've had an offer to 'deal with' the legs via. Photoshop - should have taken it up!

  5. Legs? What legs? I see no legs.