Sunday 2 May 2010

Finger-picking to poo-picking

I thought I'd do an early blog for a change, having already achieved a bit of outdoor work, however I see Debbie's taken first prize today. The weather is damp, breezy and cool, so after the morning feed and dog walk while I still had wet weather gear on, I picked a bucketfull of poo, topped-off a load of Docks, filling a sack, and another 'thack' of 'thithles' - funny how a lithp can come on even via the keyboard. I'm actually waiting for the show-girls to dry off so we can have a dress-rehearsal for the North Somerset Show which is tomorrow. I've put the Stone Roses on the CD player, having got inspired by 'Im in a Rock 'n Roll band' which was on telly last night (frustratingly delayed by the snooker by an hour and half).

I'm reading Marty McGee Bennetts: 'Llama and alpacas as a metaphor for life', and got inspired on tuesday, the last evening of the fine weather, to take my guitar out and 'entertain' the herd. They didn't join in, they weren't spooked, but they haven't enquired about my next gig either, so I think I need to work on them when the weather improves...

Our herd had a full-on pronk and frolick the other night - I'd read of other breeders' doing this recently, and our cria did it last year, but I was excited to see Minnie and Moira joining in the other night - though it was a bit like watching your aunties dancing at a wedding disco! I wonder if it is a spring-induced thing (the season, not a steel coil!) The pictures aren't great as it was dusk and cloudy, and I had no time to prepare, just point and shoot.

Anyway time for coffee, then Show preps.


  1. I do like to see a little pronk and frolick. We have had a few demonstrations this week. So often I rush for the camera and miss the action. Sometimes it is just lovely to enjoy the moment and think about how special it is just to be there.

    I so get the aunties at the wedding though. Some at some much more elegant than others!


  2. Opps sorry didn't proof that very well...Some are so much more...

  3. Dave, Great photos - Rolf at Knapper Alpakka has a great U Tube video of his animals pronking. Really great to watch. Shirley & Robbie

  4. Spring is in the air !....and its time to Pronk !! babies are regularly seen pronking on an evening !!...its great to watch.....Jayne