Wednesday 29 July 2009

Teat a' teat.

You've got to laugh - further to previous blog, it's been pointed out that male alpacas have four teats as well! So just to reassure readers, we have looked elewhere to confirm that Autumn is indeed a lady.

Here is a picture of Pela's first breakfast as a Mum, with Autumn beside her - as with Minnie on the first morning as a new Mum, she wouldn't come to feed at the shelter with the others, so I took it out in the open. Once they have the responsibility of a cria, they are wary at first. It's fascinating to watch the behavioural development - Pela would normally have been first to the feed shelter.

This morning however, she came to the shelter, but Autumn kept wandering off with youthful exhuberance, so Pela kept turning and calling her, which meant that she couldn't eat, so I took the bucket outside, so that she could watch Autumn while she ate!

It's rained all day here (much as everywhere I am sure), so this evening they were glad to see the clouds roll back, and left the shelter to do some evening grazing. Ambrosia is delighted to have a playmate, and the two of them charge about together. Ambrosia is in the foreground above - from being the baby, she's suddenly changed to being the 'teenage' sister, and is twice the size of Autumn.

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  1. They often keep the baby to themselves for a couple of days. Some don't though! She is a beauty. Like the apple theme - next year Bramley... can't think of any other B names!