Wednesday 8 July 2009

Shear luck.

An early start for us, a 6.15 collection, for shearing with 15 of Little England Alpacas with Gordon and Sally, plus around 10 of Gills from Greylake Alpacas, all to be done by James and his colleague, Marlon. To remove mine, we had to negotiate a narrow track, and two fields with gates with minds of their own - a route I'd not used before, but pleased to say all went well - Gills herd had a collective mob rule attitude, that resisted attempts to load into the horse lorry, but eventually our 'mob' won.

The weather had been kind following mondays and tuesdays rain, with a drying wind over-night, though I was horrified to find Moira and Pela taking a bath in the trough as we went to bed! I had faith in the weather forecast, and left the girls out, rather than cause the distress of shutting them in the shelter.

James and Marlon worked steadily through the group, and impressively without a break, so we were all finished by lunchtime. My girls were well behaved, though I was amused to note Moira, the bossy matriarch, squealed the loudest during shearing - I saw parallels with supposedly tough, macho, people who you discover are afraid of the dentist or of flying!

Now it's back to cria-watch...

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  1. They look great! James and Marlon did ours too, only the other day - they have travelled down to yours quickly! Typically it's been freezing cold since ours were sheared too, but they're ok. I think they are quite enjoying having the wind on their skin!