Sunday 5 July 2009

Flag-owner found.

As you can see from one of the 'comments', the owner of the flag has been in touch, and I've been able to let her have a copy of her flag with Bruce Springsteen in full throat, in the same shot - purely coincidence that we had that shot already in the 'can', and then spotted the alpaca flag at another show the next day.

Minnie has a little scabby patch on her face - I've been applying Stop-it-All, and it seems to be keeping it at bay - the same cheek is quite black looking, but I assume that she has been scratching it with her foot, so it may only be dirt on the fleece.

This may be the last photos of this years fleece, as we hope to have them shorn on wednesday - the weather forecast looks reasonable so keeping fingers crossed - not sure about the bits of grass and stuff -I've had to cut the docks before they go to seed, but I limit it to a small area at any one time, and do rake up the cuttings - similarly with nettles. Anyway, it's all a learning experience.

Baby Ambrosia has been grazing her first grass - she's nibbled bits of string on the gates, bark on the posts of the shelter and strands of hay previously.

Hello to anyone who was at Gold Hill Fair in Shaftesbury today - I was singing with my vocal harmony group, Jazz m'Tazz. Gold Hill is famous for being used in the Hovis bread advert, with the man pushing a bicycle up a cobbled hill - you don't realize from the ad' that opposite the quaint cottages is an enormous rampart wall of the castle with butresses - and, no there was no flag-waving at our performance... but we got a good reception.

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  1. Ambrosia is getting big! Amazing how they come on. Our 6 week boy Strathy is already chewing hard feed and was trying grass at a couple of weeks. Ours have just been shorn and we are getting used to how they look - it is always a bit odd!