Saturday 25 July 2009


Yesterday at 4.00pm, Mrs. Smallholder phoned me at work to say something was happening. In 5 minutes I was home. She had seen from a distance 'something' pointed had appeared out of Pelas rear, briefly, before going back in - we presumed it was a nose, or perhaps feet, still within the membrane. She wasn't interested in being caught for examination, but we got them into the shelter, and four fingers carefully probed 'inside' found nothing. We watched for over two anxious hours, consulted the vet, and our breeder and decided it was a false alarm, expecting things to happen this morning.

Watched regularly all morning, some humming, her tail regularly half raised, regular grazing, a few rests sitting but nothing much else to report.

Has anyone else seen an apparent 'squeeze' and peep outside, before back to normal?

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  1. We've got Chocolate Gold extruding a pink bit occasionally which goes back in! She is fine otherwise. I have read that it is normal for this to happen. Keep an eye out for that cria!!!!