Sunday 1 February 2009

Just listening to some music by the Icelandic group, Sigur Ros - I do like it, but for a moment during one track, I thought we had mice in the house, or in the speakers gnawing away!!

My three girls, (I'm referring to them as the Sugababes at the moment - no particular reason), retired to the shelter at sunset this afternoon - they must be anticipating the cold blast with snow coming, though they spent all day grazing in the cold wind. I caught the expectant ones yesterday, and their fleece is fantastically deep and dense - the outer appearance is deceptive, especially when it's a bit muddy or wet - there's great depth to it. I put Pela's halter on her, which she accepts, but isn't keen on going anywhere. I fixed some more vertical branches to the east wall of the shelter, and I need to weave some horizontals in now, to close down the drafts. They're eating a bale of hay in a fortnight at the moment and I've one bale of hay left, so must get some more - and we need logs for the fire.

I bought some more coffee for the machine at work, it takes capsules of ground coffee. I can't make any sense of the descriptions on the boxes - these were descriptions of four different flavours: "rounded velvety flavour"- "harmonious and rounded taste"- "strong well-defined temperament"- "pleasant and balanced richness of aromas"...some of them sound like they are assessments made by a psychologist (harmonious, well-defined temperament) or describe what it is like to touch (velvety), or what shape it is (rounded), but none of them tell a layman what it tastes like!

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