Sunday 25 January 2009


The ground is saturated after heavy rain on thursday night, and showers at other times. Moving around is difficult. Of course farmers have more sense than to try and do jobs on the land at this time of year - it's only part-time (weekend) 'farmers' such as myself, who are limited to weekends who spuddle around in a quagmire - emergencies excepted.

The alpacas have signalled how they are fed-up with the rain, by spendng thursday night and friday night in the shelter -the first time they have resorted to the shelter, other than at feeding time.

I've got some sheep hurdles so that I could divide the shelter to make it easier to catch them - and it was much easier - I caught each in turn, and tried checking for mites, though it's not easy on your own - I put some Sudocreme on Moira's nose - a little bald patch she has - so she went off looking like a cricketer protecting from sun-burn!

I didn't get around to collecting alpaca poo today - but I have developed a line from the song from the musical Oliver! "'ve got to pick a bucket of poo"...

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