Sunday 15 February 2009

What a difference a week makes

Last week I was sledging , this week I was sledge-hammering. I am planting five large trees soon, to provide a shady glade for the alpacas during hot weather. I don't want to risk them eating the young shoots having spent a large sum on them (the trees) so I am fencing them off for several months - that was yesterday.

Today we took the polytunnel a stage further, and now it's ready for a long, warm, calm day to fit the polythene - we may have to dispense with the 'warm' part otherwise it won't be ready for the early seedlings. Today was a bit of a 'glass half empty' day - one of those days when you start off with lots of things to do, but don't get as much done as you'd hoped, and the nagging of the jobs you didn't do, outweighs the satisfaction of the jobs you did do.

We had to get more hay, as with the week of snow, there was no grass available, but our good neighbours behind who have sheep and horses, brought some bales over.

It's been a dry day, fairly mild, with a slight chill, mostly cloudy, but as I went in, I glanced back up the field, and the sun had come out, glancing off the three girls fleeces, black, fawn and white - a lovely sight.

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  1. I here the poly tunnel went a bit further today. Me thinks the girls will enjoy the shade of the new trees. What kind are they?