Wednesday 4 February 2009

Snow in Somerset

We don't get a decent fall of snow in this part of Somerset very often, so I was thrilled to hear the forecasts, and then see it actually arriving on time - there's too much moaning in the news about "why is there so much snow?", " why weren't we ready?", "why are schools closed?", " how much is it costing the economy?" - enjoy it! the fun for children (and some adults), the sculptural beauty of the landscape, and the special occasion when it falls which makes our weather worth talking about so much! Sales of carrots (for snowmen), shovels, gloves,hats, boots, etc. will all have increased, so it's not all negative. I know some essential service workers have to continue in difficult conditions, meetings get postponed and travel plans are disrupted, but it's usually only for a day, and it actually brings people together for many reasons, which is good for communities.

Any way, off the soapbox! Most people see the alpacas and say, "oh, you've got llamas" or continue to refer to them as llamas, long after they've been told - I can understand how New Zealanders must feel, when they are referred to as Australians. If you double-click on the pictures, you can enlarge them - by the way, if you like the music of Elbow, particularly their latest album, The Seldom Seen Kid, go to the Red Button and watch their performance with the BBC orchestra - it's fantastic. Sorry about the layout of this blog - I got the pictures in the wrong order and the text wrapping is lousy.

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  1. Love the picture of Moira rolling in the snow. You're taking some good photos now. Keep up the good work.