Sunday 22 February 2009

Shady glade

The alpacas are looking great this weekend - with dry weather, their coats have fluffed-up a treat. We planted five large trees yesterday so that they will have shade in the summer (other than the shelter) - I've fenced them off for the time being, so the alpacas aren't tempted to eat the shoots - perhaps by mid-summer their roots will be well established, and there will be plenty of grass in any case. There's a Silver Birch, 2 Paper Birch and 2 Silver Maple - they are around 9-10 feet high at the moment. We noticed that two small conifers (Cypress type) which we planted in the field as they had outgrown their pots, have been stripped bare, though another six haven't been touched - yet. They aren't listed on the list of plants poisonous to alpacas - does anyone know otherwise?

Today we put the polythene on the polytunnel, which was demanding, as there was a steady, strong wind blowing! The manufacturers advise choosing a calm, warm day - well it was relatively warm compared to the last six weeks, and if we waited for a calm warm sunday, we might miss the start of the season, so we made contingency plans to make sure we didn't finish up parachuting into the next village (!), by clamping planks to the first edge, with stone weights as well, launched it over the frame and as it flapped around, our neighbour offered to help, and his extra pair of hands made all the difference to getting it under control.

We are going to the British Alpaca Futurity show next week, so hope to learn lots about all aspects of alpaca breeding, fleece production etc.

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  1. Time someone else posted some comments, then no-one would notice I can't spell "hear", must remember to check my spelling. The trees look great, and I think you should include a picture of the new poly tunnel. Keep up the good work