Sunday 5 May 2013

Warming up.

I spent most of yesterday fencing, but found I'd taken 40 photos of the alpacas while doing it, as you do! It's been very warm (out of the wind) today, and the shorts and barbeque have at last been called in to service, much later than usual.
Bramley and Golden Delicious
A passer-by came past the fieldgate with a dog, and I heard the alpacas alarm call, something which you rarely hear, but is amazing - it was like a two-tone alarm and on another occasion recently I heard it, and at first thought it was an unusual bird!
Girls in the foreground, boys in the paddock beyond.
Tomorrow, we have the first of three shows this month, the North Somerset Show, so today has been  a day of preparations, starting with a final halter training could have gone better, but I did clean their ear-tags, and Golden Delicious had all sorts of stuff tangled behind her rear end, which took a good bit of tugging to remove.
Lazing on a sunny afternoon.
The water buckets have needed frequent topping-up these last few days.
 I'm really looking forward to the show - the trailer and car are loaded - it will be good to join with other breeders and look at the results of recent breedings.
Eucalyptus leaves - a favourite with our herd.


  1. Looking good. Nice to see fleeces getting longer, ripe for shearing soon, I can hear my knitting needles calling x

  2. It's all looking very smart around your new paddocks! Good luck at the show, hope the weather stays fine!