Sunday 21 April 2013

Daves bid for Freedom

Yesterday I treated the herd to a new trailer - they don't know yet, but I went to an alpaca auction at Bristol Sales Centre straight after collecting the trailer, and was able to return home with it full of soft fleece-bearing alpacas!

The sale was mainly the dispersal of a herd on behalf of breeders who had emigrated to South Africa, along with a few from each of several other breeders. Unfortunately for vendors, the alpacas outnumbered serious bidders by a factor of around ten, and it occurred to me that maybe the bidders should have been paraded in the ring, and the alpacas allowed to bid for their new owner!

We had decided what we were looking for to add to our herd, and I'd spent hours assessing the genetic ancestry during the week, so that I went with a clear idea of what I was after, and how deep (shallow) was my pocket - essential, as with little competition, you could easily feel drawn to bid for too many!
Settling in.

I was pleased to get Lot 2 as intended, a female sired by Dovecote Jaquinto of Alpaca Stud and with Accoyo Remarque as grandsire, and she is pregnant to CCNF Talon of CME - her previous cria from this mating was also for sale and very special, so I could see the potential, and we'll keep our fingers crossed.
Helenia Diana

Later,  I was successful in buying Caton Freedom, a lovely female yearling, again with Jaaquinto as sire, CME Centurion as grandsire on the dams' side, and Purrumbete Highlander several generations up the line - I brought back two for another breeder, and so the trailer earned its keep. The newcomers are all in a quarantine paddock while we carry out the necessary tests.
Caton Freedom
Unfortunately, being unsettled, they are not posing for good photographs, sticking in a close-knit bunch, and with ears flattened often.

Meanwhile, today we got a bit more field division underway with some stock fencing, so we can tackle weed treatment safely, paddock by paddock.

Our garden and paddock have been adopted by a stray Guinea Fowl, rather apt as auctions are conducted in guineas, but it had spooked the hens who wouldn't go into their hut until I had 'guided' the Guinea Fowl into a tree!


  1. Where's the picture of the new trailer says Derek?

  2. Congratulations well bought. There is a sale in Cumbria next week you could give your trailer another outing!

  3. They conduct auctions in Guineas?!!! "The 1700s are calling... they want their currency back!"

  4. Well one Dave, the herd grows!! Sorry have missed out on your blog as it hasn't updated with new posts for a month!

  5. Blog postings sorted and up to date on our blog page!