Sunday 7 April 2013

Lead and seed.

Joy discovers what it's like to be a Maypole.

Last weekend the herd were given vitamin AD & E injections, and today it was time for Lambivac vaccinations.

Yesterday I hung a pair of gates to one of the new paddocks, and I am very pleased that they are plumb, level and that they open...and close....and it was warm enough, sheltered from the wind by a hedge, and doing a lot of chiselling and bolting, to get down to a tee-shirt! Short-lived though, todays temperature and wind has required several layers again. Nevertheless, I've scattered some grass seed on the newly-landscaped field entrance and pipe trench, for the expected rain and milder weather later this week.

Golden Delicious has joined the halter training group, and we hope that the boys will show her it can be a lot of fun!

Closing dates for some shows have passed, so entries have been made...the year is picking up pace...shearing soon.

The boys pose infront of the girls paddock - nice pair of well-hung (ahem) gates on the horizon!
Darcy Spice, Discovery and Golden Delicious - in the background is Pelachuta who is dam to dsicovery and grand-dam to Golden Delicious


  1. Found you again via your excellent web site! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Hi Dave... I've managed to getyour Blog via the usual method !! so not sure whats going on ...nevertheless, you've done a grand job, with all that fencing and level gate hanging ...its a fine art ...the alpacas are looking very well and hopefully we will get some heat ....before shearing !! ... Jayne

  3. Hi testing as unable to leave a comment yesterday

  4. Some strange things going on, like Barbara I couldn't comment yesterday and today got on the old way and can comment!