Monday 6 May 2013

Black and tan.

Looking back over a day at the North Somerset Show, refreshed after a 'nice cup of tea' and a shower. It was a day for Factor 30 and big hats for breeders, and gazebos for the alpacas, as a hot sun beat down from beginning to end, though the morning started misty at home at load-up time, so the alpacas were damp, but quickly dried once at the show.

First up in the ring was Discovery in the Junior Male Blacks:
Judge Dominic Lane took a look inside the fleece: and declares after Consulting Ring Steward Garry Naish, "this alpaca is brown!"

So, next up is Discovery.... in the Junior Male Brown class for his second time in the ring: you can see the black in him, compared with the other browns:
Complimented for the softness of his fleece, consistant colour and conformation, he's awarded 5th place.

Likewise Golden Delicious gets 5th, while Darcy Spice gets a 3rd, both with similar compliments.

So what did we learn today?

what seems black may be brown;
Light may be fawn;
and in bright sun, pale skin will become red;
When reversing and turned full lock, the jockey wheel pinch bar will poke a hole in your bumper;
Parking the car in a tight driveway off a tight road will be frustrating after a long show day, but patience and teamwork will get you there;
It doesn't matter how good the genetics, if an alpaca wants to sit down, it will sit down, and will not get up even when a stable mate is sent for...but it can still win first place, and a reserve championship...judges can be very patient!
If you forget your folding chair, your feet will ache!

"what colour are you today?"
We went with realistic expectations, knowing what good characteristics our three contenders had, while knowing their shortcomings, so we were satisfied with their performance - they were all better in the ring than training had indicated, so they didn't disgrace us - 120 alpacas attended, all from smaller breeders but with national champions and stunning fleeces among them. The 'season' is properly underway.


  1. Congratulations on your show success, sounds like an eventful day rust spots on your show team, that would be down to the glorious sunshine ....unlike the slightly damper northern regions ..... Jayne

  2. You've had a good spell of weather then - can't say the same about here. Well done on the show results - pity about the reversing problem! Shirley & Robbie

  3. Congratulations - North Somerset is a lovely show and we were sorry to miss it this year.

    P.S. Only just caught up with your blog as something has gone wrong on my dashboard and for some reason your blog has disappeared from my reading list - will get son to investigate!!