Sunday 26 May 2013

Nifty shades, hooray

This weekend the temperature has crept up, despite the north wind - and my rain/sun shades have been welcomed by those still carrying a fleece - very satisfying that they could see the benefit:
Apples and Minnie share the shade.
Apples has left so Minnie makes herself at home.
We let the boys graze the 'avenue' and trailer hardstanding - Camelot poses like a macho on the Altiplano.
Girls graze, while boys laze (bottom corner of paddock beyond the shelter)


  1. Glad to see that the shades are being appreciated. We have had some sunshine ourselves at last. Not worth investing in shades for a couple of days a year here though!

  2. We got the boys swimming pool out this weekend, for about 20 minutes..

  3. Great to see all that hard work is much appreciated, it even looks like summer with you !! Jayne