Wednesday 12 June 2013

Baths to suit all preferences.

We said goodbye to our three boys recently, as they've been bought by a family in Brent Knoll - we are very pleased that they are going to be well looked after, and have lovely paddocks. Before leaving, they had a bath so as to be presentable:
...and on arrival, they explored their new paddock, and had another bath:
...only this happened to be where the bonfires had been held, and so Camelot and Darcy turned grey on one side!:
We wish Sally and her family great enjoyment from alpaca ownership.

Our hopes at The Royal Bath & West Show were dashed when 24 hours of rain beforehand didn't prepare Freedoms fleece in the best way - though the weather for the show was good, with Junior females being the first class, there wasn't time to get her as dry as others. However, she's now been shorn, and her fleece is very nice, so we may enter it in a fleece show. We have just the two older females to shear now.

We took a much-needed break and went to York last weekend - we 'did' the Jorvik Centre, climbed the Minster tower, took a boat trip up the river, and explored the centre - it's a lovely city, worth a visit if you've not been - two and a half days away, and we're re-charged ready for birthings soon, and back to the day job tomorrow.

With warmer weather last week, we got the aquatic centre open for business:
Save water and share a bath.
"I'll just splash my legs first...and then down we go"
"This black overcoat can get a little warm - hope they take it off soon..."
"That's better!"
I hope Moira remembers how warm her coat is when we shear her - the last time, she made a great fuss about it.


  1. Love the bath, looks like one they can't tip over!

  2. Hi Judi, it's sold as a feed trough. I cover it (or empty it) at night incase badgers would drink from it.

  3. Can't get our boys to lie down in water yet, it looks like fun, the best we get is two front feet, but they love the hose pipe.