Sunday 2 October 2011

Fibre workshop progress.

Camelot in the evening sun.
 Progress on the studio and workshop has picked up in the last fortnight - the external cladding is complete, inside is fully plastered, floors down, skirtings and architraves on, and Mrs. Smallholder has sprung into action with the paintbrush and roller.

The fibre workshop & studio.

On friday, the two carpenters working here this week asked if they could meet the alpacas before they left - now these guys come with fully-tattooed arms, and work the tough life of a building site, so I hadn't expected to find there was a 'soft centre'. So on saturday afternoon, when they had finished at 4 o'clock, having expected to finish at 1, we asked them if they wanted to see them - "cor yeah", they said, so off we marched, a few nibbles andd some tasty leaves in hand. With the full attention of the herd, one of them said, "I've waited all week for this - I told my girlfriend I was working at a zoo, I must get a picture" - they each had pictures taken, asked lots of questions, and were so besotted, that despite their late working, they were in no rush to leave.

Another large skip full of waste was collected on friday, and this weekend I've spent much of the time bagging-up more off-cuts, sweeping dust, picking up screw and nails, stacking firewood, and sorting anything that can be collected by the re-cycling  truck - it's surprising how many cans of energy drinks have fuelled the building effort!

Our fibre workshop and studio, cottage in the background.


  1. Looks fantastic folks...could be a little piece of New England...good luck with the new venture.

  2. Well done, it looks great. Wishing you every success with your new venture.


  3. Really jealous now, still no news on us buying next doors shed.

  4. Wow Dave, that's a really great looking studio. Look forward to reading of all the projects you get up to inside it. Loved the 'tattoo-softie' story! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  5. It looks fab, Mrs Smallholders is a lucky lady!

  6. Very impressive guys, nice job!

  7. The Studio looks good enough to live in !! What a fantastic job.....I just wished I had a nice 'workshop/craft room ' !.....maybe that will be on the to do list, Ive got a fancy for a nice log cabin !!.....(a secret desire, not secret any more)........looking forward to all those creations from the Studio !!.......Jayne