Sunday 18 September 2011

P is for 'paca - or not.

Who can resist a rainbow?

No specific alpaca news this week, but I've transferred the hay from the shelter into the shed - the hens have followed suit and begun laying in the bales - Pixie, our Shi-Tzu finds them, and then runs around the garden, her mouth filled to stretching, with an egg in it! I need to fix doors next, to try and keep them all out, and transfer Ting Ting our rat catcher.

We've been to Manchester for our son Phil's birthday - he had a fancy dress theme of the letter 'P' - a great idea as the options are limitless - Mrs. Smallholder and I went as  'Party Poppers' - you can use your imagination as I don't 'do' Facebook, though Mrs. Smallholder does - there was a Pharoh, Primark, Policeman, Puzzle, Peacock, Pilot, Punks, Pop Princess (Kylie) and Poker Face (Lady Gaga). it was great fun, and I was able to 'dad dance' all night!

'nuff of that - the Studio is progressing well, I'm holding off photo's now until it's presentably finished - the external cladding is going on, and inside is being plastered.

Off to Plymouth for younger sons graduation on wednesday.

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  1. Lovely Rainbow...have a nice time at Plymouth.....looking forward to the photos of the Studio, some time soon !.......Jayne