Sunday 9 October 2011

"Show me emulsion, tra, la--la, la-la..."

Camelot enjoying a weed.

 We've had a weekend of concerted effort decorating the studio and workshop, though Mrs. S has spent most of the week up ladders and towers with roller and brush - here is a view out of one of the rooflights:

Bramley had some rawness between her front toes a couple of weeks ago -I gave a shampoo with Seleen, followed by a locally sprayed solution of Eprinex in pigoil - I've been monitoring visually daily, but a hands-on check today showed it has cleared-up - she is the friendliest alpaca, but when giving treatment she will kush, which makes foot and leg treatment awkward - of course we partially rolled and lifted her, but does anyone have any tips for preventing them from kushing in such circumstances?

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  1. Singalong-a-Bramley time eh? Like it! Not sure how to stop them kushing but maybe 'go with the flow' - if they go down, try to find the best way to work with them on the ground. Mind out for the green stuff though! Shirley & Robbie