Sunday 15 May 2011

Schoolboy error!

The girls have settled into their holiday paddock now. The larger part has a pond with hedge around part of it, and has only recently been filled in, soiled and seeded. It had wire on pig-tail posts around it to keep a previous horse off're probably ahead of me now...

Beside the infilled pond.

Having kept them in the smaller part for a couple of days to settle down, on tuesday we let them into the larger part, and they got very excited, and galloped several laps around the 'pond' - it was then just before we left for the day job, that Bramley became curious about the pond area - she ducked under the wire, and at some point, went back, got tangled, spooked, charged off ripping out a line of pins which trailed after her - we sprang into action, fortunately the others didn't get tangled too, and I managed to grab her, so that Joy could un-tangle the line which was around her neck - phew, that was close!


With all the pins and wire now removed, they can't believe their luck at such a large ready-made rolling pit - I have had to 'comb' the area carefully, and remove a large number of pieces of dead bramble which were attaching to their fleeces, and very difficult to remove.

Only a, few weeks ago, I mentioned in a comment to Bev and Andy's blog (Lane House Alpacas)about the risks of tape fencing, and then fell into a similar trap myself - I think it just illustrates the issues you have to consider when renting land, and how easy it is to over-look a risk when you have so many things to think about before actually agreeing to graze somewhere else.

"...8, 9, 10, coming ready or not!"


  1. School boy errors and alpaca ownership seem to be a common factor here too...maybe we should just admit one may be the smarter of the two;)

  2. Hide and seek !.....I like it ! Oh dear these alpacas....certainly make your heart stop ! as you know I've had my moments with the electric tape !.....never again !...glad things worked out fine !.......Jayne

  3. At least you were there to see it happen and dive to the rescue! Loved the last photo and caption, brought a smile!

  4. Alpacas and rented land can stress you out can't it. We had an incident once with the owner of some land we were using thinking they were doing us a favour raking out some moss. Only problem was they piled it up nicely for Loki to roll in the day before a show; and to make things worse it was his baby fleece!

  5. Love that Bramley photo! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  6. Anyone want to buy 100m of nice green tape ?