Sunday 8 May 2011

Off on their hol's.

At last the girls have moved to a temporary 'holiday' paddock, so we can rest ours, fertilise, weed and repair. We've looked all round the hedges, and couldn't find anything harmful - but it's a bit of a worry, knowing there's a big change in their grazing and browsing, so hope they don't find anything unsettling to their systems.

It forms part of the plot of a local manor house, and as you can see is quite different from  ours, being flat, and sheltered by trees and hedges - ironically, it is over-looked by our last house. Our son was home from Manchester for the weekend, with his partner, and they helped rounding them into the trailer, which we did in two trips. The city boys learned some country practices!

The paddock is divided into one third/two thirds and we have put a temporary chestnut pale fence across, so we can let them have it gradually. As soon as they were unloaded, Bramley charged through a bramble bush, so I had to catch her and pull all the pieces of bramble out, one by one! We have had two nights of good rainfall, so hopefully our paddock will make good growth, and in the next few days, we'll be putting some serious work into assisting and improving that.

It's odd looking out of our window at an empty field...I won't be able to get up the road quick enough tomorrow!

Now to finish, here is the picture I didn't have available for last weeks blog:

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  1. It is strange when you can't see them out the window isn't it; I know just how you feel!