Monday 4 October 2010


Enjoying a treat of Alfalfa.

We transplanted some Lleylandii that were in pots when we moved here, intending to let them grow into a supply of firewood. The alpacas love to have a good scratch on them.

Colin Ottery came on friday to scan Minnie, and with his Top Gun / Back to the Future glasses and scanner confirmed a pregnancy - hooray.

Bramley got ear-tagged and micro-chipped, a health check for insurance and weighed-in at 18kg, now 6 weeks old. Her she is, trying the tree scratch-post:

Sunday morning was pouring, and blowing a 'hooley', I went to the shelter to find all six alpacas keeping out of the rain, and in the corner trying to go un-noticed, were twelve chickens huddled together!

We took all the fleece scraps from shearing with two other breeders this year, and put them into bin bags for insulating the roof of the house - we have an old cottage, with part sloped ceilings (skeilings) which had no insulation - so I spent a horrendous 2 hours lying on my side in the tiny attic space stuffing the fleece into the gaps - pot-holing is much more enjoyable, but doesn't keep the house warm...

It's the time of year for catching up with admin', so I've been sorting out invoices and registered Bramley with the BAS. I'm wondering which software other breeders find suits their herd management?

Now, I wonder if Mum has got my milk ready for bed.....................................


  1. No minestrone..just good old....home-made soup !....then I think they're off to Italy !!....getting prepared for winter..Oohh....Jayne

  2. Waste not want not...glad to hear the alpaca 'scraps' are being put to good use...think it's going to be pillows and cushion fillers here!

  3. Hi Dave, Good idea for the scraps. We heard of someone making lagging for water pipes from scraps. How often do you feed the Alfalfa by the way? Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  4. I'm giving the alfalfa every few days (just a good handful each), as our grass is still so short, though they are getting hay as well.