Sunday 17 October 2010

All clear on the western front.

Autumn Gold in the morning light.
Is that a camel through the eye of a needle?
All together now - munch.
Bramley in the morning light.

With the bright crisp start to the day, it was good to start with the camera, which usually comes out in the evening when the light is fading and the sun at the opposite side of the field. So as I'd cleaned the field and we'd vaccinated and pedicured the girls yesterday, I indulged myself with an hour or so with the camera. It was so clear that shots from the near-by clay pigeon shoot echoed around the hills - with scarcely a breeze, the silence was staggering, a day to just soak in...and then get on with important things... like organizing the new Olympic event: the Individual Faecal Sample Collecting Persuit - where you sprint, keeping a sharp eye on the deposited sample in the grass so that you can sample for parasites and know how each animal is doing...


  1. Love the blog and the alpacas

  2. Great photos Dave. We'll be depositing samples in a jam jar first thing tomorrow morning to give to the Vet lab for checking - always a fun event!! Take care.

  3. Its all go at this time of preperation for the winter.....the alpacas are looking good....Jayne

  4. Beautiful sky and alpacas, no three legged ones though, disappointing.