Wednesday 4 August 2010

Toad in the sole

You're ahead of me already - the other morning I picked up my walking boot, put my foot in and met resistance - I thought the insole had got screwed up at the end so stuck my hand in, and sure enough felt this damp 'screwed up' thing, so pulled it out, only to find it was a large toad! I took comfort from the fact that it found the environment at the end of my boot acceptable and not too whiffy.

We had a visit from Keith and Heather of Ashill Alpacas who brought Ashill Grenadier for a date with Minnie - he has Rural Allianza Wirracocha of Wessex as sire, and they canoodled for 25 minutes so we look forward to the spit-off.

I popped into the North Devon Show as I'd conveniently arranged a work trip to Appledore, so it was a chance to say hello to some fellow breeders and look at the fleeces and animals on show.

We have bought some equipment for worm testing as Mrs. Smallholder is a qualified medical research technician with lots of experience, but we're looking for guidance on action thresholds for the various parasites - can anyone point us in the direction of some info?


  1. Now Dave I am not sure that having wellies with living conditions fit for a toad is anything to be proud of!

    Paul is the microscope operator in our house. If he has the info you need I will ask him to e mail you. I am sure he will want to ask Mrs S about floating and sinking etc!

  2. Good article re parasite detection at, if you you have problem getting it let me know.