Sunday 8 August 2010


Minnie sits in the 'shadow' of Moira's shower,

Minnie takes her first bath or shower in two years -
"go away Moira, I've waited a long time for this".

A slightly dramatic title, but it's appropriate - Minnie never puts her feet in the trough or water tray, though she will sit beside if one of the other girls is paddling, hoping to get some over-splash - so in two years she has never had a bath or paddle - clearly she enjoys a shower eau natural i.e when it rains.

But today I was cleaning out the water trough and had laid the hose on the grass while I scrubbed the trough - all the girls gathered, Moira took the first shower, and Minnie sat down beside her true to form, then when Moira was finished she looked a bit closer, sat down and had a good soak.

Meanwhile a weekend of routine husbandry tasks, sandwiched by scraping, sanding and puttying windows - at least from a ladder I had a better view of the alpacas.

Tomorrow, Minnie has a spit-off booked, and as other breeders are notching up cria births weekly, we are looking forward to our only birth this year as Pelachuta is due in 16 days.


  1. Only one birth but that must make it all the more exciting...we are all waiting Pelachuta so no going for a marathon!

  2. Aw brilliant!!! come on Pela! We await kara's cria any day....she is 11mos plus 1 week.