Wednesday 18 August 2010


We've been invited to a near-by village show, which is coming up this weekend, so making preparations for that - display materials, gazebo, products, halter leading refresher etc. , and Mrs. Smallholder has been busy with her team, finishing off knitted and felted products. I took a quick piccy of a few of them this evening, but hopefully, she will update the product blog soon...unless it all gets sold before!

Pelachuta is coming up to eleven months, so I've been getting the 'nursery' ready, and Minnie has had a successful spit-off.

With last thursday and friday both providing rain, and plenty of showers since, we can declare the long dry spell here actually over, and the grass is greening-up and gaining a bit of 'length'.

Tonight an unfortunate alpaca made our local news after getting stuck in a water-filled drainage ditch - known locally as a rhyne - it should be at the end of this i-player link:

I hope it has recovered, it appears traumatised and/or cold.

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  1. Nice collection ! Have a lovely day....and I hope the weather stays kind to you ....looking forward to the arrival of your new cria !!....Jayne