Sunday 25 July 2010

On reflection...

Haven't we met before?
Bath time!
We got our fibre analysis results back this week - Pela and Minnie have held exactly the same as last year, Ambrosia and Autumn Gold were similarly good as yearlings - whilst experienced breeders can instantly judge fibre fineness, it's useful for less experienced breeders to have a quantative assessment - while I had the girls in the pen for a checkover yesterday, I had a delve into Moiras black fleece which is now developing some length - we decided not to shear her this year, as her fleece was short, and she shivered during the snow - as we found last year when analysed, it's fantastically fine so with a bit of length will be superb for products - a shame she doesn't conceive...

Alpacas bathing antics are comical - they differ so much - Moira uses her front legs to splash her chest, then sits with her chest in the bath - Pela only scoops with her front legs - Ambrosia goes for a full sit down in the bath - but Minnie sits as close as she can (as in this photo), hoping to get splashed, but doesn't, and won't get in the water at all.


  1. They are funny.....with the water ! My lot are often squabbling..over who's turn it is !....Jayne

  2. What a great photo Dave...I think on reflection I won't even try to compete with that one, I'll leave it to Mark!

    Glad to hear the fleece stats are holding fine.

  3. Nice photo Dave. Exactly how long were you standing there, camera poised, for that one?

  4. lol get that off to a magazine!