Thursday 8 October 2009

Patience please, patient.

It's been a bit trying, with having to keep Autumn penned-in to restrict her leg movement. We brought Pela in every couple of hours to suckle, but Pela won't stay in after the feed, and tries to leap out to join the others. Autumn then feels left out and paces around, not resting her leg.

I moved the pen out of the shelter so she could get some of the lovely sunshine we had today, and see her mates better.

The vet gave us dried crushed Comfrey leaves to assist healing, a dessert spoonful daily to add to her feed - but at 9 weeks she's only chewing the odd stalk of hay - tonight I mixed it with some ADE paste, and pushed it in her mouth with my fingers - but I can't use that again, so I may try honey tomorrow, and get yoghurt for the next day - any other suggestions out there? and ways to give it?

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