Tuesday 13 October 2009

Leg warmer required.

Autumn had her dressing removed yesterday - healing nicely, we have to hope that the bone is healing, as she had her last anti-biotics tonight. Tomorrow, she is allowed out with the others into the small paddock to try and restrict her running around, and they will all be pleased to be grazing and wandering about looking at the view from the top of the hill.

The stud males visited today, Pela spat, but Minnie sat, so despite the late time of the year we decided to let her have one more go.

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  1. Hope Autumn soon heals, bless her little cotton socks...mind you she could do with a sock!...you forget just how fine boned these animals are !!...Just a little thought on the mite front...I have had excellent results with the use of homeopathy....Arsen Alb and Sulphur, is excellent for mite problems, it treats the skin, thus destroying the mites..! You can use it alongside your conventional medicine with no contra indications..my alpacas eat the little tablets/pillutes in their feed......which makes it easy to give.....Jayne