Sunday 11 October 2009

Finger food...

I went to work this morning to do my quarterly accounts, and even though I could see it was raining heavily, I concluded I'd rather be poo-picking in the rain! So as soon as I'd made good progress, I headed home, got my water-proofs on and over the next hour filled the wheel barrow, completely clearing the top paddock - very satisfying - if only the healthcare was as straightforward.

Though Autumn suckled on thursday and friday by bringing mum in frequently, on saturday I was concerned as mum was restless and only allowed suckling twice, so after advice I penned all the girls together - my initial reasoning was, firstly, I had thought mum would need the grazing to produce milk, and secondly, I didn't want Autumns leg to be vulnerable to bumping from the others, but perhaps the to-ing and fro-ing, and not being with baby was stressing her -they have haylage which is new to them and which they love, plus hay, and they seem to be more settled today, though Minnie wasn't happy having her facial scrub today - probably due to the permanent penning. I've lost ground with Minnies face - due to our short holiday, and then taken up with Autumns issues, with one scrub between, the facial crusts have increased, so it's going to be daily scrubs this week.

I gave autumn her first comfrey in honey, but we felt that may be too sugery to repeat, so she has been given it mixed with pro-biotic yoghurt, fed through the cut-off finger of a rubber glove.

Tomorrow, the vet will be changing her bandage.

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