Wednesday 7 October 2009

Autumns op'.

Autumn went to the vets for her operation to remove the sequestered bone from her leg today.
On opening up they couldnt find it... scraped and drilled, still nothing, so bandaged up, and hoping that she has healed - clearly a young animal is producing cells for growth all the time, so we have to cross our fingers now, that her growth has provided the healing...
So I returned home with strict instructions to keep the bandage clean and dry - so penned her in the shelter with mum, who was distraught having been seperated for 4 hours, but pleased to see her baby - but mum quickly wanted to be out grazing in the, finally-arrived rain that Rob and Mark have also mentioned, so she leapt over the hurdles - and Autumn decided to try... I let mum graze for half an hour while I kept Autumn company, and as dusk fell, we brought the others in, hoping they would all be happy together. It's funny how they are happy to shelter on their own terms but If I bring them in and close the gate, they all get droopy lipped and humming! You can tell humans what's good for them, but not animals.

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  1. Hope Autumn soon recovers from her try to do your best and are they grateful !!....not likely ....they are all the same ......Jayne