Sunday 29 December 2013

Manure to Manchester

In a period of respite from wind and rain, the herd graze in the crisp sunshine. We've moved them back over the hill as the home paddock is bare and muddy.

I moved the shelters, and had plenty of offers to help fix them:
These breathable shelters have lasted a year now - in contrast, Scrumpys shelter, which had corrugated plastic sheet roof and rear wall was ripped out of the ground and sent into the next field on the monday before Christmas (Scrump was in another more sheltered paddock). Here he is topping-up his tan this morning
Our son has just returned to Manchester, taking four bags of alpaca manure for their new garden!
Sorry about photo quality, due to being taken on my 'phone.

Footnote to Andy and Bev of Lane House Alpacas: your latest blog, 'Mud, Mud...' isn't displaying.


  1. It's that time of year where we are sharing the same blog content...manure and mud here too!

  2. Well done Dave, nice to see that the Clump (he'll always be Clump to us) is relaxing in his new(ish) surroundings.

  3. Thanks Dave - Christmas 'new gadget' syndrome. Should be up now. ... And I assert all rights to the Manchester Muck franchise !

  4. Didn't your shelters do well in all the bad weather - must be a patent pending somewhere! Have a great New Year. Shirley & Robbie