Sunday 8 December 2013


Apparently winter has arrived - we did have the tale end of the gale here, which finished shedding the leaves off the trees, so we've been lucky.

We had our Eucalyptus tree trimmed last week and have a big pile of branches saved for the herd, as they love the leaves - I've been bundling them up and tying them to fence posts:
Tucking-in to Eucalyptus
Elstar enjoys it too.
Scrumpy (Clumpy) hasn't tried Eucalyptus yet - he's from Wiltshire - they're not sophisticated over there;-)
In 'other news', I've taken out the floor of the bedroom above the Lounge, to form a gallery, which has taken all my 'spare' time lately, today I've been chiselling, planing and rebating an Oak beam to support the remaining gallery floor - it 'only' weighs 106kg now - big heave next weekend - so it was nice to get out with the camera among the herd for a while.
Moira at sunset.


  1. The beasties certainly seem to enjoy their leaves. Love the quip about Wiltshire! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Not sophisticated in Wiltshire eh? And they are in Somerset are they, apple crunchers?

  3. Ha ha, funnily enough, I spied him having a nibble on the Eucalyptus this morning - now, where did I put my apple?