Monday 18 November 2013

Catwalk cutie.

Some photographs of Joys products, modelled by our granddaughter Pixie, taken by our daughter Kerry, a professional photographer:

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We went to the SWAG Autumn Show on saturday - a good venue, well organized, and although numbers of local entries may have been a bit low, they were boosted by some outside breeders - one of the drawbacks of shows at this time of year is the lack of Junior entries which usually are the larger classes. It was good to be able to spend a day catching up with fellow breeders and some of their animals. Whether there will be another autumn show remains to be seen, but well done to the organizers for trying it out and exploring the possibilities.

A very good piece on Countryfile last night, featuring Melford Green alpacas, hopefully restoring any damage caused by Kate Humbles comments a few months ago, giving a very food image of the industry - worth a watch on i-Player if you missed it.

I have a walk-along paddock cleaner (PC50 with new hose, bin and exhaust bag) for sale if anyone is interested, having 'upgraded' to a muck truck with 'poover recently.


  1. Such good photography - and, of course, lovely knitting!
    Pixie makes a stunning model.

  2. Lovely photo of Pixie. Upgrading the poover wasn't long ago that you were a brush and shovel the herd has grown!

  3. Agree about last night's Countryfile - good item. A 'muck truck' eh? Perhaps that should be 'Dump truck!' Shirley & Robbie

  4. Barbara, there's lots more photos on the link - needed help getting the poo up the hill, hence the powered truck!

  5. I also saw Countryfile, very interesting article. I have managed to adapt my paddock cleaner....just have to give it a try ... when the snow has gone ! Then nodoubt I shall be making some more poo bricks to feed 'puffing billy' Jayne

  6. Pixie is a delightful model! You're a little far away or we might be tempted as we're still bucket/shovel poo-pickers!