Saturday 9 November 2013

A brief video.

Here is a little video speeded up which may fill a spare 3 minutes in your day - last weekend my son sat his GoPro camera on a fence post and left it for a while watching the alpacas go about their day - after a while you will see me assemble a catchpen, and then Joy joins me, we round them up and give a few vaccinations and toe-nail trimmings.When let out they have a quick roll in the grass before heading back down to the shelter where the hay bags are hanging. Scrumpy our herdsire, is in the paddock in the background getting on with his day.

Cut and paste into your browser bar:

Set 'quality' to 720p HD for best clarity.


  1. Fascinating! Really enjoyed that - wish I could assemble a catch pen and vaccinate at that speed!!

  2. Very good Dave, great sky that day!