Thursday 15 November 2012

Post post

Have gate post, will travel.

The poover trolley found a new use today...

As promised last night, Phase 1 of the new paddocks began today, by moving the fence and gate posts to the field - for reasons I won't bore you with, it was easier to manhandle them up our existing field into position - well alright, I'll explain: the delivery lorry wouldn't fit up the lane, so it was dropped off at the house, and until we've improved the lane and field access, our trailer wasn't practical, so we both had a good work-out!

Debbie, a photograph can be deceiving! including our current field, we'll have just 3 acres, so could probably fit into your new barn, but it has tripled our size - now for the herd!

 Sorry, no pictures of alpacas today.....oh, alright then, some taken on a brighter day:

Golden Delicious


  1. Tripling your size is good. As for our shed I wish it was three acres sometimes - not at mucking out time though!

  2. The things you do !! ... for animals ... usually involve getting a sweat on .... hope the new facilities are soon being appreciated, along with all the hard work .... Jayne

  3. Looks like another team building exercise! Good luck with the fencing. Shirley & Robbie

  4. There's never a llama when you need one!